Because Life is Too Short to do Laundry

The WASH TUB CLUB℠ is a brand-new concept from Cape Cleaners.  For one low monthly fee you will be liberated from the drudgery of washing and folding towels, tees, bathing suites, socks, sheets, napkins, placemats and most anything that does not need to be pressed. Even undergarments, if you want.  Drop everything at one of our stores or, we’ll pick up your laundry and deliver it back to you at no additional charge!

Why are you still doing laundry?

Time Better Spent Elsewhere

If you take your car to the Car Wash, have a Lawn Service cut your grass, have groceries delivered, if your Pool Service maintains your pool and Cape Cleaners takes care of much of your wardrobe;  Why are you, or your partner, still spending time on laundry?   Spend your precious time with family and friends or simply pursuing your favorite pastime.

We do your laundry – You get free time

Wash Tub Club℠

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Family Plan $189.12/month

90 Pounds Included in Plan
$1.94 Per Pound on Plan
$2.25 per pound over allotment

Couples Plan $135.09/month

60 Pounds Included in Plan
$2.08 Per Pound on Plan
$2.25 per pound over allotment

Singles Plan $70.25/month

30 Pounds Included in Plan
$2.17 per pound on plan
$2.25 per pound over allotment

*Environmental fee covers costs associated with government compliance and environmentally responsible waste disposal costs.

POINT OF REFERENCE; A home laundry basket holds roughly 13 to 20 pounds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Garments and household items which require pressing, as well as specialty items, like comforters, do not qualify for WASH TUB CLUB℠ pricing, and are priced individually.

Why Choose Us


Use our FREE Pick-up & Delivery Service for the ultimate in time savings and convenience.  We not only do all of your laundry, we come get it and bring it back to you without the need for human contact.


According to the *American Time Use Survey women spend an average of 2.03 hours per week on laundry.  That’s almost 9 hours per month or 105+ hours a year!

*from United States Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Men spend about 30 minutes per week.

Of course, “average” means over half of you are spending a lot more time on this needless chore.

Get your time back with the WASH TUB CLUB℠